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Hormone imbalance

Cycle Dysfunctions Hormone imbalance

Women’s hormones, especially the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, exist in a delicate balance. Without this balance, the menstrual cycle cannot occur. Hormone imbalances can make themselves apparent through symptoms ranging from painful periods and cramps, to cystic acne and low sex drive, and more. In some cases, infertility may be a symptom of a hormone imbalance.

Unfortunately, doctors are often quick to prescribe hormonal birth control to “regulate” women’s cycles when they present with heavy, irregular, or painful periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or cystic acne. Rather than regulating a woman’s cycle, the synthetic hormones found in most birth control overrides it completely, acting instead as a “doctor-prescribed hormonal imbalance.”

It’s important to learn about the root causes of the hormone imbalances causing symptoms like painful sex, PMS, and painful periods, so you can pursue remedies, instead of simply covering up the symptoms with drugs like hormonal birth control. Doctors trained in restorative reproductive medicine can help you get to the bottom of your hormonal imbalance and truly regulate your cycles, often by using bioidentical hormones and other therapies.

Improved hormonal health has some surprising, and extremely beneficial effects for your overall health. Research continues to discover the importance of healthy periods, truly regulated cycles, and balanced hormones, especially for young women.

For information on how charting your cycle with a fertility awareness method (FAM) or method of Natural Family Planning (NFP) can help identify root causes of hormonal imbalance, learn more about the health benefits of charting. You can also find a fertility awareness instructor or find a doctor, especially one trained in FEMM or NaProTechnology.

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