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Are you considering making a donation to Natural Womanhood? Thank you for helping us in our mission to improve women’s health literacy, to help them understand their own natural fertility cycle, and discover healthier ways to either avoid or achieve pregnancy.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Natural Womanhood depends on the generosity of foundations, corporate sponsors, and individual donors.

We believe that fertility is not a disease in need of a cure, but a pivotal aspect of comprehensive women’s health. That is why Natural Womanhood is dedicated to the promotion of fertility awareness and fertility charting as essential tools for women’s health. We promote fertility charting not only for natural and effective family planning, but also for disease prevention, greater health literacy and self-knowledge, and better equity, communication, and intimacy in relationships.

Your donation to Natural Womanhood will go toward creating informative educational content and promoting it so that women and couples who are looking for natural birth control options and alternatives to contraceptives can find them. Your donation will also help us educate, encourage, and empower women and men to become agents of change, so that every woman in the US and the world can reclaim her natural womanhood.

If you would like to mail your donation to Natural Womanhood, please open this PDF file and mail to Natural Womanhood, P.O. Box 780374, San Antonio, TX 78278.

You can also contribute to Natural Womanhood when you shop on Amazon Smile: simply click on this link and follow the directions.


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