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Should your daughter with Type 1 diabetes go on birth control?

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How much do you really know about your sexual health and fertility?

Think you can get pregnant whenever? Think again. Even if you paid attention in sex ed, there are some crucial details you may not have been taught about your reproductive health and fertility. Take this short quiz to see how your knowledge stacks up to facts on birth control, menstrual cycles and fertility, pregnancy, and hormonal health.

Have you ever been told women don't need a period?

Not true!

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Help us demand transparency from the FDA about the side–effects of hormonal contraception!

The pill has been associated with breast cancer, blood clots, depression, auto-immune diseases, and other serious health conditions. Click here to learn more, and help us bring about positive change in women’s health as we petition the FDA for better transparency and accountability.

Guide to Understanding Your Cycle

Get to know and appreciate your cycle and fertility. When you join our list, you’ll receive our exclusive PDF, Understanding Your Cycle, for free. In it, you will discover a wealth of information about your reproductive health and your fertility cycle, as well as resources on fertility charting with natural birth control alternatives like fertility awareness methods (FAMs) and methods of natural family planning (NFP).

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