Natural Loves Stories: a documentary film on fertility awareness

posted on September 10, 2017 by Gerard Migeon, Founder & CEO Gerard Migeon

Natural Love Stories is a movie that exposes the dangers of contraceptives and presents the benefits of the natural alternative: fertility awareness based methods. The story is told through the real experience of three couples who made the switch. Several medical professionals contribute additional expertise about the dangers of contraceptives and the benefits of natural methods. You can watch it now for free on our website or download it by clicking here!

We made this movie in order to show the truth about women’s reproductive health options. In the film, you will learn about some of the key effects hormonal birth control can have on a woman’s body based on extensive medical research. You will also be introduced to three couples who each had a unique situation, and you’ll discover how fertility awareness changed their lives.

Here are some of the questions that we answer in this documentary:

  • How do contraceptives impact the hormone levels in a woman’s body?
  • What are the serious health risks from contraceptives and how prevalent are they?
  • What happened when the World Health Organization conducted a study on combined hormonal oral contraceptives?
  • What can happen to a woman’s libido when she’s on the Pill?
  • What are fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) of family planning?
  • What is the effectiveness of FABMs to avoid pregnancy?
  • How can FABMs help women who experience medical issues and infertility?
  • How do FABMs impact the relationship between spouses?
  • And more…

The movie is dedicated to Erika Langhart, who died from a blood clot caused by the Nuvaring at the age of 24. Here is what Karen, her mother, wrote to us in an email after she first saw the movie:

“I gave myself the Mother’s Day gift of watching your SO WELL DONE documentary yesterday on Mother’s Day.  Your film is incredible and delivers SUCH an important message to women AND men! What brave, well informed, and kind doctors who obviously care most about patients…and the couples who are interviewed are wonderful and, obviously, so sincere and appreciative! There are so many people who will want to see this when it is made available.” 

The doctors Karen Langhart is talking about are Ob/Gyns trained in the diagnosis of the root causes of reproductive health dysfunctions and in effective treatment. In the interviews, you will hear from these doctors how the knowledge of a woman’s natural cycle can be a game changer when it comes to treating issues such as PMS, irregular cycles, PCOS or infertility. You will also hear from young married couples what difference it made in their life.

Watch the trailer on our website by clicking here! You can then watch the entire film for free by streaming it on our site. Or if you prefer, you can also download it for only $6 and watch it on your own time. Simply click “Buy the DVD” button and you will have several purchase options. Start here.

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Posted by Gerard Migeon, Founder & CEO Gerard Migeon

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