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The most effective way to learn the benefits of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM) is to hear it directly from those who use them. In this video, you will hear from an OBGYN doctor about the dangers of contraceptives and benefits of natural birth control. You will also discover how Jose and Mayra were impacted by hormonal contraceptives, how they switched to a natural method and what benefits they experienced in their health and their relationship as a result.

Read more below about how your choice of birth control makes a significant difference in your health and even in your relationship.

These are the some of the benefits of the Natural Womanhood way of life:

  • It respects your body. Taking contraceptives has a major impact on your reproductive system. For instance, a number of women who try to achieve pregnancy after taking contraceptives for a long time find that there is a significant delay before their fertility returns.
  • It’s good healthcare. Contraceptives may mask important medical issues such as ovarian cysts, PCOS, or endometriosis. These problems can be better detected and more effectively treated if you use a natural approach.
  • It takes no risks with your health. Hormonal contraceptives that contain estrogen (most do) have been classified as a class one carcinogen by the World Health Organization. It means that they are included in the same list of cancer-causing substances as arsenic, asbestos and tobacco.
  • Natural methods are better for your libido and your sexual relationship. Recent medical studies have also shown that contraceptives decrease a woman’s enjoyment of sex. If you have been pregnant, you may have experienced this difference while you were off contraceptives. Couples using natural methods report having a more fulfilled and intimate sex life.
  • It’s free: no messing with insurance and doctors or trips to the drugstore. The only cost is an initial training fee; then you’re set for life.

Natural birth control is proven to have a positive effect on couples’ relationships. Couples using these methods report having a more fulfilled and intimate sex life, and the rate of divorce among couples using Natural Family Planning is under 5%.

The positive effects of natural family planning on couples’ relationships are reported in an article published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, based on a study with 678 individuals. The key reasons given on how the method improved their relationship were:

  • It deepened their relationship. It created a stronger bond including feeling less selfish and more sensitive to their spouse/partner’s needs, feeling greater love and more understanding of one another.
  • It improved their communication: couples became more open to talking about a variety of topics. Discussing sexual intercourse, fertility and starting or adding to a family are integral to using natural family planning successfully.
  • It created a shared responsibility: it wasn’t only the woman’s responsibility to avoid pregnancy.
  • It increased mutual respect: women reported feeling more respected and less used and feeling greater respect for and pride in their spouse/partner.
  • It increased their appreciation for sexuality: periodic abstinence enhanced their anticipation, thus increasing their enjoyment.

Other studies show that couples who use natural family planning have intercourse at least as often as couples using contraception, and that their sex life is more fulfilling.

If you’re ready to go, you can now select the method best suited to your needs and find a local class to learn the method.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, watch now and find out how a couple’s sexual relationship was impacted by going from hormonal contraceptives to natural birth control.

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