what is charting?

Charting is the basic tool of fertility awareness methods. Each day, you make a note of your body’s signs, so that you can see the patterns. Charting will allow you to make accurate predictions about your approaching ovulation and let you know exactly when you’re past the fertile time in your cycle.

Your chart is also a valuable tool for a doctor trained in NaPro Technology to precisely diagnose and treat reproductive health problems. Charts for the various methods are similar but adapted to each particular method. Charts can be kept on paper or online, and many excellent phone apps for charting are now available.

Would you like to learn how to read these signs? You can make a commitment to getting to know your body and gaining freedom from drugs right now by signing up for a Natural Womanhood introduction seminar.

how to start

Why should you take a class to get started, and not just read a book? By taking a class with qualified, experienced instructors who use these methods themselves:

  • you learn to chart accurately,
  • you have someone to count on when you have questions,
  • you benefit from your teacher’s personal experience.

It is a little like driving: sure, you can learn on your own, but there are great benefits to driving with an experienced driver who can help you avoid basic mistakes and personally guide you to becoming a better driver.

The good news is that these classes are, for the most part, conducted one-on-one. So the instructor really gives you the personal attention you need. Some classes can be taken online.

The first important decision is to figure out which method is best suited for you.

Still not sure? Watch this video. You will hear from an OBGYN doctor about the dangers of contraceptives and benefits of natural birth control. You will also discover how Jose and Mayra were impacted by hormonal contraceptives, how they switched to a natural method and what benefits they experienced in their health and their relationship as a result.

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