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Lindsay Schlegel

Lindsay Schlegel

Lindsay Schlegel writes frequently about fertility-awareness based methods, among other lifestyle topics. She writes for a variety of online publications, and her first book, "Don’t Forget to Say Thank You: And Other Parenting Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God" will be published in the fall by Ave Maria Press. You can find out more about her at LindsaySchlegel.com.

In Reply to a Reader: The Benefits of Charting into Perimenopause

Here at Natural Womanhood, we love being a resource to answer women’s questions about their bodies. Too often, women tell us that when they bring their inquiries about health and wellness to their doctors or clinicians, they are met with quick fixes and temporary solutions, rather than treatment plans that honor the whole of who […]

What’s the Best Postpartum Fertility Awareness-Based Method?

One of the beautiful things about Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) is that they can be used at any stage of a woman’s reproductive life, whether she’s got a regular menstrual cycle or not. Often, women and couples learn a natural family planning methods when they are preparing for marriage or when they are trying to […]

4 Reasons It’s Worth It to Get a Fertility Awareness Instructor

As interest in Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) is growing across political, religious, and lifestyle spectrums, women and couples seeking to understand their bodies on a deeper level are finding tons of resources coming to the fore to help them get started. From Facebook groups to apps, there is a wealth of information online on using […]

Good and Bad News Concerning the LAM Method During the Postpartum Period

If you’ve been learning about Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs), you’ve probably heard that you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding. You probably also know of someone who has. So what gives? In order to trust a natural family planning method, you need to have all the information—that is, all the scientifically proven information, not just anecdotes […]

Supplements for PMS Symptoms that Really Work

Did you know there are healthy supplements for PMS symptoms? For decades, hormonal birth control has been prescribed for reasons such as the reduction of PMS symptoms. A 2011 study by the Guttmacher Institute confirmed that 14 percent of women using oral contraceptive pills used them “exclusively for noncontraceptive purposes,” with alleviating the pain of […]

Let’s Talk Menstrual Cups

As more women look for sustainable and environmentally friendly options for healthcare and wellness, menstrual cups are coming to the fore as an alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary napkins. Though they’ve been around since the 1930s, the first manufactured menstrual cups for the United States appeared in 1987. Menstrual cups are typically made of […]

What the U.S. Soccer Team Players Discovered from Tracking their Periods

How fertility-awareness methods can be a game-changer for your health and wellness too Many people are still celebrating the U.S. Women’s National Team’s victory at the World Cup this year, and now we have even more reason to do so. This week, Good Morning America reported on the “innovative period tracking” the USWNT’s coaches used […]

What Kind of Exercise Works Best to Mitigate PMS?

One of the first things my mom told me when she gave me the scoop on feminine cycles is that taking a walk can help ease menstrual cramps. She didn’t explain why, but I quickly learned she was right. A few years later, I was traveling to a family vacation and sat in a car […]

If We’re Concerned about BPA, We Should Be Concerned about Hormonal Birth Control

You’ve definitely seen it on the packaging of plastic products, especially food storage containers and water bottles: “BPA-free.” What you may not know is what exactly BPA is, why it’s a problem, and other substances that produce similarly problematic effects on our health and environment. Decoding BPA “BPA” stands for “bisphenol A,” and it’s an […]

We Ought to Think Twice About Getting a Prescription without Seeing a Doctor

As a busy woman with a lot on her plate, I am all for streamlining where possible and making time to focus on the things that are important to me: my family, my work, and my health. I’m often for it when technology makes daily tasks quicker, easier, and cheaper. Grocery shopping from home? Yes, […]