Migraines, Weight Gain, and More: Women Explain Why They Stopped Taking the Pill

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“I would experience numbness in the right side of my body — including in my mouth, which would prevent me from talking for 15 or so minutes at a time — vomiting and confusion.” One woman shares details about the terrifying migraines caused by her birth control pills to Canadian news outlet Global News this week.

Another women describes her weight gain as a result of taking the pill. “At first, I didn’t put [weight gain] and the Pill together . . . and I kept finding excuses. I think it took a year and a half for me to realize, ‘OK, there’s something wrong,’ and that’s when I realized the Pill was the reason.”

As a survey in Canada reveals, the number of women taking birth control pills has substantially dropped in recent years, due in large part to women connecting the Pill with their various (and often very serious) side effects. More women are realizing that there are other, safer options, without the negative side effects of birth control.

This isn’t unique to Canada. In 2017, a study in France revealed many women were turning from the Pill due to side effects as well. According to a study,” 71.5% of the respondents said they experienced positive effects from stopping the pill, such as improved libido (70%), feeling reconnected to myself and my body (59.2%). Fewer mood swings, depression, or unexplained anxiety (34.8%), weight loss (29.2%), more energy (25.5%).”

What the Global News article fails to mention, however, is the safest, most natural (and effective!) way to prevent pregnancy or regulate hormonal imbalances is to learn a Fertility Awareness-Based Method (FABM) from a certified instructor. Women are seeking better options and natural birth control, and they should be informed of these other options. These will help women not only avoid pregnancy with great effectiveness, but they will also help her identify health concerns that may be affecting her reproductive system. And, when she’s ready to expand her family, FABMs help a woman avoid the progesterone deficiency women experience after getting off the Pill (which can cause miscarriage) and even get pregnant faster naturally when she is ready to expand her family.

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Tips for Coming off the Pill from 5 Women Who Have Been There


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