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Madeleine Coyne

Madeleine Coyne

FDA Citizen’s Petition on Birth Control: Shocking Stories of How Women Are Getting Hurt

Earlier this summer, a Citizen’s Petition was filed to the FDA requesting greater transparency concerning the many evidence-based health risks and side effects of different forms of hormonal contraceptives. We at Natural Womanhood published a breakdown of the FDA petition into a more digestible format in order to explain the forms of contraception discussed in […]

Scientific American Addresses the Problem of Birth Control Suppressing Periods

There is no more unifying experience among women around the globe than menstruation. All women understand what it feels like to have their period—even if they don’t exactly understand what it is. And yet, the topic of menstruation continues to hold significant stigmas, and embarrassment or hesitation to discuss this vital function of the female […]

A Breakdown of the Recent FDA Citizen’s Petition Concerning Hormonal Contraceptives

You may already know that a Citizen’s Petition was recently filed to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requesting more transparency and patient warnings regarding potential side effects for different forms of hormonal contraceptives. We have been talking about it for a few weeks now, and, as Natural Womanhood CEO Gerard Migeon invited readers weeks […]

How the Documentary Period. End of Sentence. Highlights the Importance of Fertility and Menstrual Health Education

If it seems surprising that a documentary on menstruation won the 2019 Oscar for Best Documentary Short, it’s because, well, it is. As exhibited by Period. End of Sentence., there is definitely still a strong stigma surrounding a woman’s period, particularly in developing countries like India. The 25-minute-long film was the initiative of the nonprofit […]

Medical Benefits of Fertility Awareness: Why Doctors Need to Embrace the Science of Charting

Even if the idea of using Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) for family planning and overall health is starting to gain traction with more women, there is still a conspicuous lag when it comes to the medical community. The overwhelming majority of medical professionals are not fully (if at all) informed about modern FABMs, or Natural […]

Why We Need Fertility Education in Schools

“There has never been more information about fertility available, and yet it has never been harder to get clear, evidence-based answers to questions on the subject . . . It is this confusion that led to calls for better fertility education for young people, and last month it was announced that it was set to […]

Real Women Dispel the Myth That Fertility Awareness Charting Is Too Complicated

Learning how to chart is too hard. It’s too time-consuming for women to chart every day. Women are too lazy to chart their cycles. These are a few of the perceptions concerning charting that all boil down to one common myth: charting a woman’s cycle is too complicated for most people to learn. This myth […]

New Fertility Apps Reveal Women Desire to Understand Their Cycles

New fertility apps and technology are starting to play a key role in teaching women about their bodies, as more women are becoming empowered to learn more about how their fertility works. As a recent article by Global News explains, tracking fertility on apps is giving women a new sense of control over their own […]

Three New Technologies to Revolutionize the Postpartum Period

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was forewarned that the postpartum period is a challenging time for a woman to chart her cycle and to understand the changes her body is going through. Inevitably, experience confirmed this for me. Because my husband and I practice the Sympto-Thermal Fertility Awareness-Based Method (FABM), we tracked […]

Petition Fights Social Media Platforms Censoring Images of Cervical Fluid

It has recently come to light that Facebook and Instagram have been censoring and deleting images of fertile signs that help women chart their cycles and practice Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) for family planning or health management. In particular, Facebook and Instagram have been deleting photos of cervical fluid, even when shared in private Facebook […]