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Trying to conceive

Infertility Trying to conceive

Couples experiencing difficulty trying to conceive are not alone in facing subfertility and infertility.

Conventional advice suggests having sex at least every-other-day when trying to conceive. But did you know that there are only a few days every month when conceiving is even possible? And did you know you’re most likely to have success with conceiving when you have sex leading up to ovulation?

Unfortunately, most couples are not taught this information, and most women have no idea how to determine the lead-up to ovulation. That is where Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs) or methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) come in!

Learning to chart one’s menstrual cycle with a FAM or method of NFP can inform a woman when she is most fertile, so that she and her partner can target intercourse to the times when she is most likely to get pregnant. With this information, some couples trying to conceive have been able to conceive in half the time as couples having random intercourse.

Charting with a fertility awareness method also provides couples with information that equip doctors to identify root causes of infertility a couple may be facing and treat those conditions.

When we refer to fertility awareness methods (FAM), or natural family planning (NFP), we are referring to Fertility Awareness-Based Methods, evidence-based methods of cycle charting which can be used as effective forms of natural birth control when learned by a certified instructor.  

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Articles on Trying to conceive

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