Top 5 reasons to join a fertility awareness method forum

posted on July 16, 2016 by Liz Escoffery Liz Escoffery

When I first began tracking my fertility, I was ecstatic to learn that forums and Facebook groups for fertility awareness method users existed and have dozens of conversations and threads each day. These online groups have been increasing in popularity and growing in number since I first logged on.

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Here are my top reasons that I enjoy being involved with fertility awareness based method (FABM) forums and  user groups.

  1. Meet FABM users throughout the world!

Feeling lonely because you feel like you are the only person in your zip code who uses an FABM? Through the aid of technology, you can chat and dialogue easily with others who are using these methods. Whether it’s sharing excitement about a positive pregnancy test or asking what others wish they would have known when they were first starting out, there is a spirit of support and understanding in these groups that transcends geography.

  1. You can find an FABM instructor and/or medical provider.

Most FABM methods offer virtual learning options, which are great for a mom with a busy schedule or a couple who lives in an area that does not have access to an instructor. In these groups, instructors serve in moderator and participant roles. They are willing to offer help on simple questions or offer paid instruction (virtual or in-person) outside of the group. If they cannot help personally, they often know someone who is taking new clients. Also, everyone chips in on their favorite doctors and medical providers who are receptive to FABMs and the restorative treatment of infertility.

  1. Get a second pair of eyes on your chart!

Have you ever tried to hang a picture on your wall by yourself? It’s hard! Results are better when we let a trusted friend or family member stand across the room and help us to make sure the picture is straight. The same goes for your fertility tracking. In allowing others to see your chart, they may see something you have missed or overlooked. This help can be quite reassuring.

  1. Read and share articles of interest.

User groups are a great place to stay informed about scientific advances as they relate to reproductive health and the shared experience of an FABM lifestyle. Staying in the loop about topics that I care about helps me to stay informed and be constantly learning.

  1. Newbies can lurk before they commit.

User groups often have great “FAQs” and “Getting Started” files/threads to help first-time FABM users learn what they need to know as they dive in. They can get a sense of what the advantages (and disadvantages) might be, do their research, and ask lots of questions.

Many FABM users are taking advantage of the existence of online support groups. These are some of the reasons why online community and support are so helpful and important if you are using (or thinking about using) an FABM.

Below is a list of some of these groups. Do you know other ones? Share with us what your favorite groups and forums are.

On Facebook

Method specific

FertilityCare Creighton & NaPro Technology User Support Group

Marquette Method NFP

NFP Support: Billings Ovulation Method

All Methods

Natural Family Planning- CLOSED group

NFP- Catholic-style

NFP for the Unmarried

Web-based forums

Living the Sacrament

Marquette Method

Posted by Liz Escoffery Liz Escoffery
Liz Escoffery, CFCP is a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner and Birth Boot Camp Instructor in Zionsville, Indiana. In May 2017, she earned her Master of Arts in Theology from St. Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology. She has helped over 175 women and couples learn the Creighton Model in-person and virtually. She and her husband Bill have two children and another due in March 2018. Learn more about her business, Indy FertilityCare at

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