The film that exposes the dangers of contraceptives

Natural Love Stories is the first movie that exposes the dangers of contraceptives and presents the benefits of the natural alternative: fertility awareness methods. The story is told through the real experience of three couples who made the switch. Several medical professionals contribute additional expertise about the dangers of contraceptives and the benefits of natural methods.

What people are saying about Natural Love Stories

Last weekend we showed Natural Love Stories a group of OBGYNs and educators in natural methods, and this is what came out of it:

  • One OBGYN asked to play the movie in a loop on the TV in her waiting room
  • A local leader of Couples to Couples League asked to share the movie to two local seminaries so that future priests would be informed of the scientific side of fertility awareness methods
  • Two visitors from Africa want to share it to their home countries to counter the huge propaganda for artificial birth control.

We have several requests to organize a viewing of the film at different locations in the US. We also got a request from Switzerland to translate it to French.

What you can do

That’s a nice beginning. Yet, there is so much more we can do to get people to see this important film. Here are four simple actions you can take to spread the word:

  1. Watch it. It takes only 40 minutes, and I promise you will learn something from it or get inspired by it
  2. Challenge two friends to watch it on line
  3. Organize a viewing at home with some friends
  4. Organize a viewing at a local theater (ask us how we can help with that, we’ve done it).

From Erika Langhart’s mom

As you know, the movie is dedicated to Erika Langhart, who died from the Nuvaring at the age of 24. Here is what Karen, her mother, wrote to us in an email after she first saw the movie:

“I gave myself the Mother’s Day gift of watching your SO WELL DONE documentary yesterday on Mother’s Day.  Your film is incredible and delivers SUCH an important message to women AND men!

What brave, well informed, and kind doctors who obviously care most about patients…and the couples who are interviewed are wonderful and, obviously, so sincere and appreciative!

There are so many people who will want to see this when it is made available.” 

Karen continues to inspire us. And we hope you will be inspired too as this movie can save lives, relationships, and families.

When this article refers to fertility awareness methods (FAM), or natural family planning (NFP), we are referring to Fertility Awareness-Based Methods, evidence-based methods of cycle charting which can be used as effective forms of natural birth control when learned by a certified instructor.

  1. Comment by Francoise Farron on April 3, 2016 at 11:27 am

    I can’t wait to see the movie when it becomes available.
    But my message is one of relief: Smart Women’s Choice, the safe, 100% effective, hormone-free birth control has now been on the market for two years; we have sold hundreds of units and no one had the slightest complaint.
    This remarkable result is due to the mode of action of SWC: it is a vaginal gel that completely immobilizes the sperm in the vagina on contact. Therefore, the sperm cannot move up into the oviducts, the only place where fertilization occurs. Since the sperm cannot move into the oviducts, fertilization cannot and does not occur. no fertilization – no pregnancy. Read in greater detail on and avail yourself of this life-saving contraceptive.

  2. Comment by tcstrenge on April 10, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    You apparently have ignored the message of this beautiful organization: Natural Womanhood is about freedom from putting medications in and on the body to block, suppress and destroy woman’s health and fertility. This is all about taking care of and appreciating our fertility and loving the child that may result from it’s use (if the couple comes together during a time of fertility, but no guarantees it will result in a pregnancy). This gel just like every other contraceptive is unhealthy and won’t help couples become the mature, self-sacrificing men and women we were meant to be.

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