Request a speaker: The Signs of the Female Cycle Explained

Invite a trained speaker to give our presentation on fertility awareness methods, “The Signs of the Female Cycle Explained”

“The Signs of the Female Cycle Explained” is a 50-minute presentation that introduces women and couples to the signs of fertility, fertility awareness methods (FAMs), and how charting can help women monitor their health and plan their families. This presentation provides the perfect overview for a general audience that may not have heard about FAMs before, and highlights how FAMs not only provide a healthy alternative for family planning, but also their potential to benefit relationships.

“The Signs of the Female Cycle Explained” was designed in partnership with FACTS, an organization of medical professionals dedicated to the promotion of fertility awareness methods. The presentation is offered through the FACTS nationwide network of trained speakers.

This presentation is based on science, yet approachable. It has been designed to help people make informed decisions about their reproductive health and family planning options, and it includes a balanced presentation of all the major fertility awareness methods.  

Interested in bringing a speaker to give our presentation to your group? Click here to reserve a speaker to give our presentation, “The Signs of the Female Cycle Explained,” and here to watch an upcoming webinar from FACTS.

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