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Organic Conceptions: Emotional support for infertility | Natural Womanhood

Dealing with the emotional challenges of infertility: Interview with Marc Sherman of Organic Conceptions

Anyone who has dealt with infertility knows that it is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster ride. For Marc Sherman and his wife, it was a ride that took up the better part of a decade as they dealt first with primary infertility, then later on, secondary infertility as well. Throughout their journey, the Shermans realized that while there is a variety of physical treatment for infertility, there is very little in the way of emotional support; for such an emotionally-trying time, this reality struck them as an area of unmet need, and so Organic Conceptions was born.

Today, Organic Conceptions exists to meet the emotional health needs of couples experiencing infertility. It is the first organization “to research and map the pivotal psychological transitions from couples who unexpectedly overcame fertility challenges,” and it promises “to help women and couples unlock their full potential by bringing alignment and harmony to their physical and their emotional health.” 

Grace Emily Stark, assistant editor of Natural Womanhood, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Marc (social-distancing style) for an interview about the origins of Organic Conceptions. In the interview, Marc also discussed the emotional support that OC has to offer couples struggling with infertility, no matter where they are on their journey, and why now—more than ever—attending to one’s emotional health is a key aspect of dealing with the challenges of infertility. 

We also want to inform our readers that for a limited time, you can receive a 25% discount on Organic Conception’s services if you use the code NW-25 on their website. A share of the proceeds will benefit Natural Womanhood.     


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