Professional Organizations

Professional organizations in Restorative Reproductive Medicine

FACTS About Fertility

FACTS is a group of physicians, healthcare professionals, and educators working together to provide information about natural or fertility awareness-based methods of family planning with the medical community. Their mission is to educate future healthcare professionals about evidence-based fertility awareness methods, so they may empower and engage patients to care for their reproductive health. The FACTS group is a collaborative project of the Family Medicine Education Consortium.

International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (IIRRM)

The IIRRM is an organization of health professionals, researchers, and supportive community members who are dedicated to uniting clinicians and supporting clinical research in restorative reproductive medicine based out of London, England, with members and affiliated organizations throughout the world. Restorative Reproductive Medicine is any scientific approach to reproductive medicine that seeks to cooperate with or restore the normal physiology and anatomy of the human reproductive system.

Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine of America (IRRMA)

The Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine of America (IRRMA) is an organization of medical professionals based in the USA, dedicated to providing evidence-based medical information in Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) and women’s healthcare. IRRMA is the leading voice in uniting providers and researchers in the United States who share a common belief that patients deserve scientifically-based and well-researched reproductive health care services that cooperate with and restore reproductive function. Among other duties, the IRRMA organizes and hosts the Annual North American Regional Conference for Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

Saint Paul VI Institute

The Saint Paul VI Institute is a medical Institute specializing in research, diagnosis, and treatment of women’s reproductive and gynecologic healthcare. The Institute networked a natural system of fertility regulation (the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System, or CrMS) with a women’s health science (NaProTECHNOLOGY, or NaPro), providing effective, ethically minded, and sexually healthy options for women and couples.

Institute for Reproductive HealthGeorgetown University

Through partnership with international and local organizations, the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University strives to expand family planning choices to meet the needs of women and men worldwide; advance gender equality by helping women and men across the lifecycle learn about and take charge of their reproductive health; and involve communities in reproductive health interventions that improve their wellbeing. The Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) Project fosters an environment where women and men can take actions to protect their reproductive health throughout the life-course by testing strategies to increase fertility awareness and expand access to fertility awareness-based methods (FAM) at the community level.

FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management)

FEMM is a comprehensive women’s health program that teaches women to understand their bodies and how to recognize hormonal and other vital signs of health; provides women with support through its FEMM Health App to help women track their health and reproductive goals; provides accurate medical testing and treatment based on new research and medical protocols; conducts research to provide women with diagnostic tools and treatments for their health; and offers training to individuals so that they can teach FEMM health tracking to women and training to medical professionals in the FEMM methods and protocols.

Institute for Natural Family Planning, Marquette University 

In line with the mission of Marquette University, the INFP contributes to the advancement of knowledge in natural family planning and provides online NFP teacher training for health professionals, conducts research and scholarship in NFP, and develops and offers innovative NFP services. Healthcare professionals are specially trained in an online asynchronous teaching environment in the Marquette Method, a method of natural family planning measuring hormone levels and other natural biological signs of fertility. Trained healthcare professionals can then provide patients with greater understanding of menstrual and reproductive health.


NeoFertility can assist with almost any fertility complaint. The Neo approach is effective for patients who have experienced or been diagnosed with recurrent miscarriage, reduced ovarian reserve, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, male factor infertility, and even failed IVF/IUI. Even if your fertility problems are “unexplained,” Neo will exhaust every treatment method to help uncover the cause and treat it accordingly.

Billings Ovulation Methods Association (BOMA-USA)

The Billings Ovulation Method Association-USA is the US affiliate of WOOMB international in Australia. They exist to teach a curriculum and certify teachers on the science of the Billings Ovulation Method®, a form of fertility awareness and a diagnostic tool for restorative reproductive health. Billings charting method is used by a growing number of nurses physicians and other allied health professionals. BOMA-USA training program was developed in Australia by noted physicians and researchers. It is scientifically based and represents the foundational knowledge in fertility awareness from which other methods have been developed.