VitaeCME is excited to announce that its first set of courses: “Advancing Restorative Reproductive Healthcare: Self Study Series” is now available to the Natural Womanhood community. This includes over 37 hours of Continuing Medical Education credit certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). As the title suggests, the 25+ sessions cover a broad range of topics in Restorative Reproductive Medicine. From “Progesterone & Pregnancy” to “The Endometriosis Enigma” there is sure to be something that piques your interest. We are particularly pleased to share Organic Conceptions’ impactful sessions “Navigating Infertility: Practitioner Strategies to Manage the Emotional Impact of Fertility Clients,” now with 4.5 hours of CME.

All of this content is offered within VitaeCME’s “Life Giving Learning Academy,” where each individual’s learning journey is tracked and credit is awarded. This learning management system coupled with the AAFP accreditation allows students to work at their own pace. Each session has a mixture of video content and related journal articles, with a quiz to check your progress at the end. VitaeCME welcomes you to explore the content at your leisure and look forward to additional content added throughout the year.

VitaeCME is the collaborative effort of Dr. Martin Owen, Lorand Szojka, and many other advisors. The vision of offering CME focused on Restorative, Integrative, and Functional Medicine topics is both an opportunity for personal learning and a service to our colleagues. We sincerely hope that you benefit from this unique learning experience and we look forward to bringing you more content in the near future.

When you purchase VitaeCME courses through Natural Womanhood’s exlusive CME site, you receive a significant discount off the cost and help support the work of Natural Womanhood.