Mothers of (Pre)Teens Online Course

The preteen fertility and cycles program you've been dreaming of!

What the course includes:

  • A step-by-step plan to approach and introduce the topic.
  • Tools for moms to feel more confident and to connect well with their daughters.
  • Reference documents with proper science and terminology.
  • A video series to engage your daughter in learning.
  • Practical solutions for common problems and questions.
  • Coaching webinars and a private Facebook group.
  • Resources for finding good health and good medical care.


Some of the practical questions this program will answer are:

  • Irregularity of your preteen’s period.
  • Frequency of periods in the first few years.
  • What to do to prepare for the first period.
  • How to show your preteen how to use the products available.
  • What options are available for tracking a preteen/teen period without an emphasis on pregnancy prevention or trying to conceive.
  • And more!

The main goal of this course is to help your daughter learn to claim her natural fertility as beautiful, powerful and healthy and help you build a trusting relationship with her on this topic.

Our Plans




Coaching webinar: an introduction on the Language of Fertility (for moms)

Mothers’ Guide: how to fight common fears and use good practices to teach your daughter (PDF)

Guide: The science of your fertility (PDF)

Guide: essentials on managing your periods (PDF)

Step by step lesson plans (PDF)

Private Facebook Group




Includes everything in the BASIC Module plus

Coaching webinar: How to connect with my daughter

Video series for moms: 

  • Overcoming my fears (3 videos)
  • Building good communication (4 videos)

Video series for moms and daughters:

  • Puberty: what changes in my body and why? (2 videos)
  • The design of my body inside out (3 videos)
  • How I feel and manage my cycles and my life (2 videos)
  • Being prepared, being healthy (2 videos)




Includes everything in the ADVANCED plus

4 Coaching webinars with experts: 

  • What is puberty and how to explain it to teens
  • Ovulation for teens / how the cycle adjusts over time
  • The cycle and emotions
  • Cycle health for teens

An activity guide: cool mother-daughter hands-on activities to learn and have fun with it.

A PDF guide: Seeing a doctor: why and when, how to prepare, how to find one.

*After 12 months you will access the same content in a different platform.

Natural Womanhood is a San Antonio-based non-profit organization 501c3 founded in 2012. Natural Womanhood (NW) exists because all women can learn to claim their natural fertility as beautiful, powerful and healthy.

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