What’s revolutionary in women’s healthcare?

Would you rather:

A. Be tuned into your own body, free from artificial chemicals and drugs, their side effects and risks, respectful of the environment, and physically and emotionally closer to the man in your life?


B. Use drugs to suppress the healthy, natural processes of your body, experience side effects from those drugs, always worry whether it’s really working, increase your risk of breast cancer and deadly blood clots, wonder how long it may take for your natural fertility to return when you are ready to start a family, and struggle to experience intimacy with the man in your life?

Most women prefer the first option. But many women don’t know that they have that alternative. Today, birth control methods are available that are natural, simple, basically free, and even more reliable than the Pill. It starts with charting.

Charting helps you become an expert on your own body. When charted accurately, your natural cycles tell a story about your hormonal balance. With this knowledge, not only can you plan your pregnancies effectively, but informed doctors can more effectively diagnose and treat common women’s health disorders like PMS, infertility, cysts, recurrent miscarriages, or post-partum depression.

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