Comparta la FAM con su comunidad

If you are looking for ways to spread awareness of fertility health and natural family planning, consider the following ways you can further work of Natural Womanhood in your community.

Natural Womanhood brochures

Our fertility awareness brochures for women and men are used by clinics and centers all over the U.S and Canada because they are an effective introduction to fertility awareness methods (FAMs). They cost $49 for 100 copies, including shipping costs within the U.S. (check with us for other destinations).

You can see them and order them right here.

Join Doctors for Natural Womanhood

Are you a medical doctor who is supportive of natural family planning (NFP), fertility awareness methods (FAM), and fertility charting? Médicos para una feminidad natural is a list of medical professionals from a variety of fields, who believe fertility charting and natural birth control are better, more authentic forms of reproductive health and medicine. These doctors contribute financially to Natural Womanhood, so that more women will be informed that when it comes to their reproductive health, they have options. Are you interested in joining this group? Email us at [email protected].

Invite one of our speakers to give a talk or an interview

Our team members are happy to give presentations in person or remotly on a variety of topics: fertility awareness, birth control side-effects, teen health, women’s health in general and more. We also offer standard talks such as The Language of Fertility, our introductory workshop for couples, a talk about Girls’ Puberty for parents and mother/daughter meetings, and talks for college students. If you are interested in having a member of our team give a talk to your community, please email us at [email protected]. For media appearances check this page.

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