Find a Fertility Awareness Class or Instructor

The first step to learning a fertility awareness method (FAM) is to choose a method. To benefit from the high efficacy rates of each method, be sure to learn from a certified instructor. The good news is that with the ranks of fertility awareness instructors constantly growing, it is easier than ever to find a fertility awareness class or instructor.

  1. Take this quiz to find out which FAM best fits your needs.
  2. Download The Complete Guide to Fertility Awareness Methods.
  3. Find our directory of FAM providers here. To find an instructor in your area, you can start by selecting your state and checking out the list for anyone who is a “FA Educator” or “Fertility Educator”. You can also select the fertility awareness method you want first. You can read below about different methods options. Note that this directory is sponsored by Couple to Couple League which is why they show more teachers right now. Also note that many of these fertility educators offer online training from anywhere.

The following organizations teaching fertility awareness methods (FAMs) have been selected by Natural Womanhood because they are evidence-based, with effectiveness rates backed up by research. Plus, these methods equip each woman to observe and interpret her body’s unique signs of fertility, teaching her more than just a technique. They also offer guidance to couples on how the method can enrich their relationship. The links below will lead you to the national directory of providers for each respective fertility awareness method, where you can find a fertility awareness class or individual instructor.

Billings Ovulation Method 

Billings Ovulation Method™ teachers offer individual, confidential assistance either face-to-face, or via their telephone or internet teaching service. BOM has an extensive international network of instructors.


Chart Neo takes proven elements from the top Fertility Awareness Based Methods and brings them all together in one place for women’s health, family planning, and infertility evaluation. Chart solo, or connect with an instructor to learn or refine your skills.

Creighton FertilityCare 

Learning the Creighton Model System consists of an Introductory Session and a series of follow-up teaching sessions (8 the first year, then 1 every 6 to 12 month). The system is tailor-made for use by each individual couple through a series of teaching sessions conducted with a trained FertilityCare™ Practitioner or FertilityCare™ Practitioner Intern. These teachers are trained in a 13-month Allied Health Education Program that is designed to help them meet the client’s particular needs.

Liga de Pareja a Pareja 

The Couple to Couple League teaches the Sympto-thermal Method and offers three options: live onsite classes, live online classes, and self-paced online classes. Their live course consists of three classes spaced about one month apart. The course fee is the same no matter the type of course you choose, and each includes: ongoing personal chart review & consulting with a Teaching Couple, a Student Guide, a digital basal thermometer, a chart booklet and duplicates, a subscription to the student e-newsletter, a six-month subscription to CCL’s charting app CycleProGo, and a one-year subscription to CCL’s award-winning magazine, Family Foundations. Teachers are volunteers who are trained extensively and are married couples who practice the method themselves and teach the courses together.

Family of the Americas

Individual classes. Materials are available in several languages including Spanish and Vietnamese, and include the use of a simplified system of color stamps and stickers. Couples are encouraged to attend instruction as early as four to six months before marriage. Follow-up chart reviews may be scheduled twice a month for the first three months and as needed until the user understands the application of the Ovulation Method.


Fertility Education & Medical Management (FEMM) offers a user-friendly charting app, charting instructors, and medical support for teens and women.

Marquette University Method 

The Marquette Method, a highly effective sympto-hormonal method of charting, is available for instruction online and supported with an online forum where you can get answers to your questions. This method uses an electronic fertility monitor (such as ClearBlue) to measure hormones levels at home, together with observations of cervical fluid, basal body temperature, or other biological indicators of fertility. Classes can be found aquí y aquí.

NFP International

Provides an online study course of NFP and a method called Ecological breastfeeding a widely used method  of breastfeeding to postpone pregnancy.

SymptoPro™ Fertility Education from Northwest Family Services 

Northwest Family Services offers a network of certified SymptoPro™ providers in most US states. Learning options include in-person instruction as well as online self-paced learning. No matter how you choose to learn, you will receive free, ongoing support from your certified instructor for the rest of your reproductive life. Instructors are trained and fully equipped to handle any special circumstances a client may have.

Buscar un médico 

To find a doctor well versed in fertility awareness who can assist you in restoring reproductive health, including those available to meet by telehealth, pulse aquí.