Why Fertility Awareness Methods?

Cycle mindfulness: what happens when you teach fertility awareness to teen girls

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

In the 1980s, Leslie Carol Botha taught basic fertility charting to 13-17 year-olds at eight different restorative care homes for at-risk girls. A typical girl in the program had been a victim of sexual assault, ran away from home, used drugs and alcohol and ended up in jail. In working with these girls, Ms. Botha made an amazing discovery: teens who […]

When condoms actually increase the likelihood of pregnancy: Wait, what?!

Molly Daley by Molly Daley

February is National Condom Health month. Some people are going to use this opportunity to passionately advocate for condoms, while others may actually use it to vehemently oppose them. Among those who promote fertility awareness based methods (FABM) of family planning and the body literacy that comes with them, opinion is split on the topic of condoms. I am simply […]

Four natural ways to help regulate ovulation

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Ovulation is a sign of health. The regular monthly release of an egg is a sign that your hormones are at optimal levels and, for the most part, balanced. Not ovulating–though you still might menstruate–often means that something is awry.  Most commonly that “something” is stress, but don’t ignore signs of anovulation just because “it’s […]

New research on birth control and blood clots reveals real risk factors

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Through our work at Natural Womanhood, we have come to know numerous families who have been tragically affected by a blood clot caused by hormonal birth control. The statistics of the risks threatening the health and lives of women are no longer abstract numbers for us. When we speak of these dangers, we speak of […]

A letter from a father to his daughter

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Letter to my daughter natural womanhood

Probably because I do this work, and because I’m a father too, a friend of mine confided the following letter he wrote some time ago to his own daughter. With his permission, I am sharing it because I was touched by the kindness of his sentiments and the depth of his concerns for his daughter, […]

Charting and natural remedies for Mittelschmerz

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Ovulation and mittleschmerz Natural Womanhood

Mittelschmerz is German for “middle pain”:  it’s a telltale sign that your body is in ovulation mode. It happens in twenty percent of women and is literally pain that results from a mature follicle pressing against the wall of one of your ovaries, trying to break through and release an egg. Ovulation is not an […]

Is the Pill wrecking your gut?

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Antibiotics get a lot of attention as a disruptor of the diverse ecosystem of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms that serve incredibly important functions in our bodies, aka our very important but rather delicate gut microbiome. Recent studies have found that even “short courses of antibiotics can leave normal gut bacteria harbouring antibiotic resistance genes […]

Can I chart when I’m on the pill?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

You just heard about charting your cycle, but you’re on hormonal birth control. You’re excited about how charting helps you to know your body and even detect health problems. At the same time you still aren’t well informed about this method’s effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy. Maybe you’re on birth control because you have endometriosis or PCOS and you’re concerned […]

Women want to know: does the Pill cause abortion?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Even during the wildest times of my youth, I would never have wanted to be the cause of an abortion. Yet, there is a possibility that I have been responsible for one, unaware. How? Because of contraceptive methods that my wife and I used before we knew about the natural methods. While women’s positions on […]

Why I would never let my daughter get an IUD

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Me: “I’m never letting Erika get an IUD.” My wife: “I’ve got a news flash for you. She’s 21 and doesn’t have to ask your permission.” Me: “Not if can do anything about it…” My wife is right, I don’t have the final say, but retain huge influence over my daughter because I love her […]