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How do you pick a fertility app that REALLY works to prevent pregnancy?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

If you are considering using a fertility app to avoid pregnancy you may find it difficult to select one that meets your needs. There is an ever-growing number of options, but how do you know their effectiveness? How much evidence supports these apps’ claims? A new study published in the Journal of the American Board […]

The Natural Cycles App, Business Insider and fake news.

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

Natural Cycles app fertility awareness birth control Natural Womanhood

Last week the Swedish app Natural Cycles made international news coverage with their breakthrough European certification. Among others, the online magazine Business Insider reported the event in a fairly extensive article on the topic. However, the magazine, which is read by over 70 million individual readers every month, tainted the announcement with partial and uninformed […]

Who will teach fertility awareness to my daughters?

Valerie Pokorny by Valerie Pokorny

Who will teach fertility awareness to my daughters Natural Womanhood

My daughters are two and four years old. Which means that I have a little less than, oh, about eight years before I really have to teach the eldest about fertility charting. Right now, this doesn’t worry me at all. I’ve taught the basics to engaged couples and pre-teen and teenage girls and their mothers […]

Top 5 reasons to join a fertility awareness method forum

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

fertility awareness forums Natural Womanhood

When I first began tracking my fertility, I was ecstatic to learn that forums and Facebook groups for fertility awareness method users existed and have dozens of conversations and threads each day. These online groups have been increasing in popularity and growing in number since I first logged on. Here are my top reasons that […]

New cycle tracking app study risks misleading many

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

A relative of mine, a young woman in her early 20’s, is using a fairly popular cycle tracking app. “I’m quite impressed how it can tell me the date of my next periods,” she claims.  This young lady is not sexually active, therefore not interested in knowing about her unique and changing fertile window. But […]

Fertility Awareness: where can you find a supportive doctor?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Where can you find a supportive doctor? Natural Womanhood

Last week I received this request from a women’s health center in Newfoundland, Canada: ”I was reading your site and was wondering if you have a listing of any doctors in Newfoundland, Canada, who are on the same page with you for natural family planning that could be referred to?” Unfortunately, I couldn’t help them […]

Do you know if your fertility app is legit?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Have you tried shopping for a fertility app recently? There are over 100 fertility apps or period trackers of sorts available online. And not much guidance about them! But this situation is about to change. Until recently, the many apps developed and promoted were mainly designed to help women better understand their fertility cycle in […]

A Fertility Awareness Year in Review

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

2016 had a tough start for us as we lost Karen Langhart, a good friend and a fierce advocate for more transparency about the dangers of contraceptives. Karen’s daughter was Erika, who died in 2011 from a pulmonary embolism caused by the Nuvaring. Her passion is missed, but her work continues: she is still active through […]

Officially Declaring the Death of the Rhythm Method

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

It’s important to know who the deceased actually is when someone dies. If a guy named Bob Smith of Podunkville dies and the newspaper announces that Robert Smith of Podunkville has died, friends of Bob’s 22-year-old grandson, also named Robert, might believe he’s the one who died.  Old Bob, like the old Rhythm Method, is […]

Why we love Miscontraceptions, the film

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon


Having produced several videos about natural family planning (NFP) and fertility awareness methods (FAM), I know how challenging it can be to come up with original angles, fresh dialogues, authentic couple conversations and disagreements, and narratives that can captivate the target audience. That’s exactly what Miscontraceptions, Cassie Moriarty’s first documentary, accomplishes. Miscontraceptions is bringing fertility […]