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From bliss to the edge of death: how the Pill almost killed me

Libby Leonard by Libby Leonard

I will never forget the night my life changed forever. That night, I woke up with a deep stabbing pain in my chest. Each breath felt like a thin knife in my lungs. Even today, I cannot understand how a completely healthy 25-year-old woman could suffer the blow I discovered that night. This is my […]

How I got help with endometriosis without the Pill

Libby Leonard by Libby Leonard

I took the Pill on and off for years to relieve my debilitation symptoms of endometriosis. When I was on it for the last time, awaiting surgery for my endometriosis, which had caused infertility, the Pill caused me more pain than endometriosis ever had, almost killing me with blood clots in both lungs, as I […]

Athlete drops the Pill and stops anemia

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

It wasn’t like Athena to fall apart in the middle of Walgreens. This young woman who at 39 runs 30 to 40 miles a week, owns a club called Get Fit SATX, qualified three times for the Boston marathon and ran it in 2014, is not a wimpy chick. Yet, that day six years ago, […]

A letter to my pre-charting self

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

I’ve been charting my fertility for 5 years now. A lot has changed in those 5 years. I’ve changed methods, changed instructors, I’ve gotten married, moved across the country, had a baby, and started a career. My cycles have witnessed it all. What would I tell myself 5 years ago when I first stepped out […]

Sex is a party and my hormones ARE invited

Kathleen Taylor by Kathleen Taylor

NFP Natural Family Planning Natural Womanhood

“Planning your family naturally. It sounds nice, but unrealistic right?  Aren’t there easier options out there?” These thoughts have gone through my head time and time again, and honestly, sometimes they still do. Why bother? My husband and I started using natural family planning out of respect for my body and what sex was. Here […]

My journey through the grief of infertility to motherhood

Amy Beckley by Amy Beckley

Hands down, the greatest grief I have ever experienced was when I wanted to become a mom, but couldn’t. Infertility sucked the life out of my husband and me for three LONG years! If you’ve experienced grief, you may know there are five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I progressed through them all. First came the denial. […]

17-year-old ballerina’s death attributed to the pill

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

Just hitting the international news over the past couple of weeks, a 17-year-old Romanian girl died in Manchester, England, on Nov. 11. The cause? A blood clot on the brain from taking the contraceptive pill. Maria Santa was a gifted ballerina, an elite athlete whose “only risk factor was being on the oral contraceptive pill,” […]

Unexplained infertility is not always unexplainable

Amy Beckley by Amy Beckley

In my first blog I explained the stages of grief I went through when dealing with my infertility. But it didn’t end there. Here is the rest of the story. My husband and I were told we had to be actively trying to conceive for one year before we could seek medical help for infertility, […]

14 health concerns that fertility awareness charting can reveal: Part 1

Kathleen Taylor by Kathleen Taylor

fertility awareness natural family planning women's health issues natural womanhood

Fertility awareness charting is so much more than just knowing when you are fertile!  When you are consistent with your chosen method of charting, you can discover valuable information about your body, and possibly see signs of disorders that call for treatment. Through daily observations and recordings, you can begin to see patterns and abnormalities […]

The film that exposes the dangers of contraceptives

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Natural Love Stories is the first movie that exposes the dangers of contraceptives and presents the benefits of the natural alternative: fertility awareness based methods. The story is told through the real experience of three couples who made the switch. Several medical professionals contribute additional expertise about the dangers of contraceptives and the benefits of […]