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Men and FABM

Male Sex Hormones Are a Big Deal, Too

Avatar by Grace Stark

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This is Your Brain on Birth Control, a new book by Dr. Sara E. Hill takes a remarkably deep dive into the myriad ways that hormonal contraception alters women’s bodies, demonstrating that our sex hormones have an enormous impact on how our brains and bodies function. As we learn more about the consequences of altering […]

Reconnecting women with their cycles

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

It may be hard for a man to know exactly what it’s like for a woman to be disconnected from her natural cycle when she’s on the pill. The only comparison I can think of would be how I have felt being on certain medical drugs that affected my mental alertness, and came with side effects such as low libido, nausea, weight […]

Fertility Diaries, Episode 3: Men on Charting

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

You know the saying – it takes two to tango. And while it doesn’t take two to chart your fertility, (all my single ladies, put your hands up) we certainly appreciate the men who support their partners in their FAM journey. So we have an entire episode as an ode to all the charting men. […]

The intact gentleman’s vasectomy escape route: why nobody needs to go under the knife

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

Natural Womanhood once upon a time had a table at a conference on natural mothering. This conference was attended nearly exclusively by women, many of them pregnant or toting babies in slings. Women wo-manned the vendor’s tables, which were mainly offering special baby foods, nursing equipment, those slings, or books on topics like co-sleeping and […]

The film that exposes the dangers of contraceptives

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Natural Love Stories is the first movie that exposes the dangers of contraceptives and presents the benefits of the natural alternative: fertility awareness based methods. The story is told through the real experience of three couples who made the switch. Several medical professionals contribute additional expertise about the dangers of contraceptives and the benefits of […]

Why is Male Reproductive Health Declining?

Natural Womanhood by Natural Womanhood

Natural Womanhood, Fertility Awareness Based Methods, Natural Family Planning, NFP, FABM, FAM, birth control side effects, womens health, reproductive health, fertility awareness, reproductive respect, male health, mens health, male fertility, male reproductive health, male reproductive health decline,

Male reproductive health has been in decline since the 1960s. Once considered a global problem by the 1992 study “Evidence for decreasing quality of semen during past 50 years,”[i] it has been shown that the decline in semen quality is largely limited to Western countries.[ii] Specific studies, largely carried out in the 90s, showed falling sperm counts: in Belgium— […]

Waiting for sex with a purpose: how fertility awareness methods can change your life

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

“My wife and I, we did a 90 sex fast. 90 days. No sex,” says Terry Crews in the video below. Until last week, I had never heard of Terry Crews. This short video showed up on my Facebook feed and I couldn’t help but take the 60 seconds to watch it, like 4 million […]

The manly men behind fertility awareness

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

A few weeks ago I was inspired, truly inspired, by a young couple in my fertility awareness class. In fact, they taught me. She was 30, and he was a mere 26. Attractive, professional young couple, set to be married in 5 months, with a bright future ahead of them. It wasn’t always the case. She […]

Fertility Charting: What’s a Guy to Do?

Valerie Pokorny by Valerie Pokorny

Guys can help with charting

The first time I saw his chart—yes, his—I giggled. My husband and I had a long-distance engagement; he lived in Washington, D.C., and I lived in Austin, Texas. We were learning how to chart my fertility via Skype with an instructor in Ohio. I had the official chart, stickers and all, and he had a […]

12 Reasons Men Should Choose Natural Birth Control

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Some children in the inner city context grow up never knowing anything else. So when they’re exposed to a country setting, the mountains, the beach, it may be exciting, but it can also be uncomfortable and even scary for them. They’d rather retreat back to the confined, polluted and unsafe environment they’re used to. But […]