Know your cycle

Do women’s periods really sync up?

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

Fertility awareness user Megan W. noticed something odd when she experienced bleeding every week while living in an open bay dormitory at basic training for the Air Force. She chalks it up to her body trying to synchronize itself with the other trainees living in close proximity for those eight weeks. “It was maddening!” she said. […]

Cycle mindfulness: what happens when you teach fertility awareness to teen girls

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

In the 1980s, Leslie Carol Botha taught basic fertility charting to 13-17 year-olds at eight different restorative care homes for at-risk girls. A typical girl in the program had been a victim of sexual assault, ran away from home, used drugs and alcohol and ended up in jail. In working with these girls, Ms. Botha made an amazing discovery: teens who […]

Charting and natural remedies for Mittelschmerz

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Ovulation and mittleschmerz Natural Womanhood

Mittelschmerz is German for “middle pain”:  it’s a telltale sign that your body is in ovulation mode. It happens in twenty percent of women and is literally pain that results from a mature follicle pressing against the wall of one of your ovaries, trying to break through and release an egg. Ovulation is not an […]

Can I chart when I’m on the pill?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

You just heard about charting your cycle, but you’re on hormonal birth control. You’re excited about how charting helps you to know your body and even detect health problems. At the same time you still aren’t well informed about this method’s effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy. Maybe you’re on birth control because you have endometriosis or PCOS and you’re concerned […]

What fertility charting tells us about thyroid problems

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Are you tired all the time? Feeling foggy in the brain and slow to “get up and go”? Despite the extra layers you may be wearing, do you feel cold, or tend to be sensitive to the cold? I know, it’s January, everyone is cold and little sluggish. But if these feelings linger, it may be […]

“Can you get pregnant any day of the month?” Why the truth matters

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

A teacher friend of mine told me that one day after school an 8th grader came to her crying hysterically. “I’m pregnant,” the girl finally blurted out when she calmed down enough to talk. “Wait, how do you know you are?” the teacher asked the girl. “‘Cuz he kissed me,” was the girl’s answer. Turns […]

Green medicine for heavy periods

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Green medicine for heavy periods Natural Womanhood

Menstruation is the only time in nature where it is considered healthy and natural to bleed. However, for over 10 percent of menstruating women that bleeding goes beyond a healthy sloughing of the uterine lining into the land of constant red for days on end leading to anemia-driven fatigue and other health issues. Menorrhagia, aka […]

5 Ways Stress Can Impact Your Cycle (That FABMs Can Easily Reveal)

Lindsay Schlegel by Lindsay Schlegel

Natural Womanhood Fertility Awareness Based Methods FABM FAM Charting Natural Family Planning NFP

It’s a beautiful thing when everything in life feels balanced, organized, and under control. But for a lot of us, that feeling rarely lasts for very long. Between family, work, friends, self-care, and other commitments, many women today have a lot going on that can threaten a peaceful perspective. Those who chart their cycles know […]

What’s a normal menstrual cycle for my teenager daughter?

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Teenage periods and cycle natural womanhood

By definition, the teen years are a time of transition from childhood to adulthood. With transitions comes change, which often leads to questions, concerns and confusion. Parents of teenage girls are often not sure what’s considered normal (healthy) when it comes to the hormone-driven reproductive development of their daughters and their menstrual cycle. With that […]

What’s the good news about cervical health?

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. We often hear the bad news concerning the cervix: risk of cancer, the need for Pap smears, HPV and HPV vaccinations. Cervical cancer is a reality, with an estimated 528,000 cases of cervical cancer worldwide, and 266,000 deaths, which makes it the fourth most common cause of cancer death […]