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Does the pill cause infertility? Yes and No

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Let’s say you are 33 years old and got married a year ago. In the past ten years, you have been using a variety of hormonal birth control methods. Now you and your husband are looking forward to starting a family. You get off the pill, hopeful and a bit anxious as you know time […]

Four natural ways to help regulate ovulation

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Ovulation is a sign of health. The regular monthly release of an egg is a sign that your hormones are at optimal levels and, for the most part, balanced. Not ovulating–though you still might menstruate–often means that something is awry.  Most commonly that “something” is stress, but don’t ignore signs of anovulation just because “it’s […]

Spotting between your periods could be a sign of endometriosis

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Spotting between periods might not seem like too bothersome of a problem to have in and of itself. But a certain kind of spotting can be a sign of a very serious disease: endometriosis. What happens when you complain about spotting to your doctor? If you are dismissed, you may need to look further. Yes, a lot […]

4 Supplements to Consider When You’re Trying to Conceive

Avatar by Grace Stark

Natural Womanhood Fertility Awareness Based Methods Natural Family Planning NFP FABM FAM Nutrition Supplements For Fertility Infertility

When my husband and I were first trying to conceive a child, it seemed like the Internet was chock-full of suggestions for ways we could change our diet and lifestyle in order to maximize our chances of conceiving. We ultimately conceived with the help of Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM), also known as Natural Family Planning […]

3 Reproductive-Health Issues NaProTechnology Solves Better Than the Alternatives

Avatar by Grace Stark

Natural Womanhood Fertility Awareness Based Methods FABM FAM Natural Family Planning NaProTechnology Napro reproductive health endometriosis pcos infertility

Got endometriosis? There’s a pill for that! Got PCOS? There’s a pill for that! Painful periods and bad acne? Why—you guessed it—there’s a pill for that, too! It seems like the solution to a lot of issues in women’s health boils down to the Pill. But the dirty little secret about the Pill, and the […]

3 reasons you should consider Merciér Therapy for holistic fertility treatment

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

When a woman begins to chart her fertility with the goal of conceiving, she begins a journey of self-awareness that allows her to see which aspects of her life need evaluation and treatment. More and more a variety of holistic care providers, including chiropracters, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, have expertise in reproductive and fertility health […]

Unexplained infertility is not always unexplainable

Amy Beckley by Amy Beckley

In my first blog I explained the stages of grief I went through when dealing with my infertility. But it didn’t end there. Here is the rest of the story. My husband and I were told we had to be actively trying to conceive for one year before we could seek medical help for infertility, […]

The story of the menstrual cycle I was never told

Cycle Naturel by Cycle Naturel

For a long time, my menstrual cycle was essentially a battle fought with tampons and Midol. I didn’t retain much from my 8th grade science class. I memorized the facts about hormones, pituitary glands, follicles and ovules, but they remained obscure concepts for me. Then I forgot it all the day after the test. We probably went over it […]

What’s cervical mucus?

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

Knowledge about cervical mucus is absolutely vital to understanding one’s fertility. Mucus is not unique to the female reproductive system. It is also present in places such as our throats, eyes, noses, stomachs, and bladders. Mucus membranes line many internal organs. The general function of our body’s various forms of mucus is to protect, clean […]

The surprising states of the uterus explained

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

I recently attended a class at the ArborVitae School of Herbalism in Manhattan on the Six States of the Uterus. It was led by Lena DeGloma, owner of Red Moon Wellness in Park Slope Brooklyn. While she is a Licensed Massage Therapist and highly experienced doula, Lena also has a rich and thorough background in […]