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Are FABMs effective?

This Chart “Perfectly” Displays Perfect vs. Typical Use Effectiveness Rate for Birth Control Methods

Gabriella Patti by Gabriella Patti

The fertility tracker, DOT recently shared a blog post on their website entitled, “Contraceptive Effectiveness in the Real World (aka Typical Use) and Why It Matters.” The post explains—and later illustrates—why different forms of birth control aren’t always effective by explaining the two effectiveness rates that all methods have. The two rates, the article explains, […]

New Fertility Apps Reveal Women Desire to Understand Their Cycles

Madeleine Coyne by Madeleine Coyne

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New fertility apps and technology are starting to play a key role in teaching women about their bodies, as more women are becoming empowered to learn more about how their fertility works. As a recent article by Global News explains, tracking fertility on apps is giving women a new sense of control over their own […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Effectiveness of Evidence-Based FABMs

Lindsay Schlegel by Lindsay Schlegel

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When it comes to selecting a fertility based-awareness method (FABM) of natural family planning, there’s one question that’s of utmost importance: does it work? With the evidence-based FABMs being used today, the answer is a resounding yes, despite what popular opinion and perhaps even your doctor would have you think. There are two things to […]

La guía definitiva acerca de la efectividad de los MBCF basados en evidencia

Lindsay Schlegel by Lindsay Schlegel

basado en el conocimiento de la fertilidad, MBCF, natural family planning, nfp, funciona, efectividad, fertility awareness based methods, fabm, fam

Cuando se trata de elegir un método de planificación natural, basado en el conocimiento de la fertilidad (MBCF), surge una pregunta de suma importancia: ¿De verdad funciona? Con los MBCF usados actualmente y que tienen evidencia científica, la respuesta es un rotundo sí, a pesar de la opinión popular y, quizás inclusive, de lo que […]

Natural Womanhood Exclusive Interview: Abby Johnson on the Benefits of Natural Family Planning

Mary Rose Somarriba by Mary Rose Somarriba

Natural Womanhood Fertility Awareness Based Methods FABM FAM NFP Contraception Planned Parenthood Harms Hormonal Birth Control Side Effects Health Risks Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, has personal and professional experience with hormonal contraception. She is also author of Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line and founder of And Then There Were None, an organization that assists abortion-clinic workers seeking […]

Tips for When Your Husband’s Not On Board With NFP

Lindsay Schlegel by Lindsay Schlegel

Natural Womanhood Fertility Awareness Based Methods FABM FAM Natural Family Planning Difficult relationship stress hard

They say it takes two to tango . . . and it also takes two to practice natural family planning, or NFP. When using Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs) to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, making observations about basal body temperature, cervical mucus, or hormones detected in urine must fall to the woman in the relationship. […]

Recent FDA News That’s Great For Fertility Awareness (Even If There’s Still A Long Way To Go)

Mary Rose Somarriba by Mary Rose Somarriba

Natural Womanhood Fertility Awareness Based Methods FABM FAM Natural Family Planning NFP Natural Cycles App FDA News Cleared Charting Effectiveness Rates Pregnancy Prevention Natural Birth Control Contraceptive Pill

Did you hear the recent triumph for Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) to be taken more seriously in mainstream American medicine? As Time Magazine reported, “fertility awareness gained more legitimacy in the U.S. when a popular fertility-tracking app, Natural Cycles, was cleared for marketing as a contraceptive by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Considering how […]

Fact vs. Fiction About Natural Methods of Avoiding Pregnancy

Kathleen Taylor by Kathleen Taylor

Natural Womanhood FABM Natural Family Planning Fertility Awareness Based Methods Rhythm Method Natural Birth Control

Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) are finally starting to gain mainstream coverage, but the information being presented isn’t always accurate. Misconceptions about NFP and FABM are fairly prominent among the general public and even medical professionals, and as a result, the truth is often met with skepticism. Here are a few […]

Quick Responses to NFP Doubters

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

Natural Womanhood Natural Family Planning NFP Fertility Awareness Based Methods FAM FABM

Anyone who’s even dabbled into the idea of using a Fertility Awareness-Based Method (FABM) knows there’s a lot of conflicting advice (read: opinions) out there. We’re hoping that if you’ve made the decision, you’ve done your research, and have made the informed choice to learn about your cycles and hormones. Huzzah! But what about the […]

Fact-Checking Cosmo’s ’15 Facts’ Article on Fertility Awareness

Mary Rose Somarriba by Mary Rose Somarriba

Natural Womanhood FABM FAM NFP Fertility Awareness Methods Natural Family Planning Cosmo Cosmopolitan Rhythm Method

Did you see that Cosmopolitan magazine told its readers about Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) last week? Unfortunately, instead of publishing a story that educated readers about the benefits of charting and knowing their bodies, Cosmo published a piece that offered more misinformation than facts.  The title itself reveals a red flag: “15 Facts About […]