The Natural Cycles App, Business Insider and fake news.

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

Natural Cycles app fertility awareness birth control Natural Womanhood

Last week the Swedish app Natural Cycles made international news coverage with their breakthrough European certification. Among others, the online magazine Business Insider reported the event in a fairly extensive article on the topic. However, the magazine, which is read by over 70 million individual readers every month, tainted the announcement with partial and uninformed […]

An open letter to Melinda Gates

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

Melinda Gates Natural Womanhood

Dear Melinda Gates, Today I read your recent commentary in Forbes about how “(You) wouldn’t be where (you are) today without contraceptives.” You said, “It’s no accident that my three kids were born three years apart—or that I didn’t have my first child until I’d finished graduate school and devoted a decade to my career […]

PMDD: are women’s periods making them mentally ill?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

My day job is managing the marketing for a children’s psychiatric hospital; I take mental illness seriously. Depression, for example, is not a fleeting feeling of sadness, it’s a dark hole that can take every bit of someone’s ability and will to live normally.  The last version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM-5, lists […]

A letter from a father to his daughter

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Letter to my daughter natural womanhood

Probably because I do this work, and because I’m a father too, a friend of mine confided the following letter he wrote some time ago to his own daughter. With his permission, I am sharing it because I was touched by the kindness of his sentiments and the depth of his concerns for his daughter, […]

A letter to my pre-charting self

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

I’ve been charting my fertility for 5 years now. A lot has changed in those 5 years. I’ve changed methods, changed instructors, I’ve gotten married, moved across the country, had a baby, and started a career. My cycles have witnessed it all. What would I tell myself 5 years ago when I first stepped out […]

What’s a normal menstrual cycle for my teenager daughter?

Emily Kennedy by Emily Kennedy

Teenage periods and cycle natural womanhood

By definition, the teen years are a time of transition from childhood to adulthood. With transitions comes change, which often leads to questions, concerns and confusion. Parents of teenage girls are often not sure what’s considered normal (healthy) when it comes to the hormone-driven reproductive development of their daughters and their menstrual cycle. With that […]

Do women’s periods really sync up?

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

Fertility awareness user Megan W. noticed something odd when she experienced bleeding every week while living in an open bay dormitory at basic training for the Air Force. She chalks it up to her body trying to synchronize itself with the other trainees living in close proximity for those eight weeks. “It was maddening!” she said. […]

Quiz: how to choose your fertility awareness method

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

Have you made the big decision: to learn a fertility awareness method? The next step, choosing which method to chart your fertility can be a bit overwhelming. Women may have different needs during different times in their reproductive life. In the past three months, I have been working with the Natural Womanhood team to create […]

A Fertility Awareness Year in Review

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

2016 had a tough start for us as we lost Karen Langhart, a good friend and a fierce advocate for more transparency about the dangers of contraceptives. Karen’s daughter was Erika, who died in 2011 from a pulmonary embolism caused by the Nuvaring. Her passion is missed, but her work continues: she is still active through […]

My Christmas story: what happened when I answered an email from Nigeria

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Sometimes you take a small step, make a small gesture and then later you realize that you’re part of something much bigger than you ever imagined. This is happening to us with what is going on in Nigeria right now. If you are new to this blog, I am talking about an initiative we took […]