My journey through the grief of infertility to motherhood

Amy Beckley by Amy Beckley

Hands down, the most grief I have ever experienced was when I wanted to become a mom, but couldn’t. Infertility sucked the life out of my husband and me for three LONG years! If you’ve experienced grief, you may know there are five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I progressed through them all. First came the […]

Dr. Kelly Brogan on the true costs of hormonal birth control

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

Kelly Brogan

As a long-time feminist, Dr. Kelly Brogan said she used to view birth control as a “female entitlement,” but now she warns that it may be the “ultimate tool for oppression of the modern women.”  Popular podcaster Joe Rogan recently interviewed the holistic psychiatrist on The Joe Rogan Experience. In the first 15 minutes of […]

10 ways fertility awareness improves your love life

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

When I first tell young couples that Fertility Awareness Based Methods improve sex and relationships, I sense a subtle skepticism in the room. “Wait, you’re saying that we have to abstain from sex 8 days a month? How is that going to make our relationship better?” But at the end of the talk, they say […]

How we rewrote Planned Parenthood’s page on Fertility Awareness

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

Here is an example of why our petition asking the CDC to change the way they represent Fertility Awareness Based Methods’ effectiveness on their website is so relevant: two weeks ago this Planned Parenthood web page showed up on my Google Alert about Fertility Awareness. I was happy to read some positive and accurate information in their […]

Are your migraines caused by a hormonal imbalance? What to do.

Liz Escoffery by Liz Escoffery

Jessica’s* migraine always came at very inconvenient times- right before a busy day of dentist appointments for her children, during date night with her husband, or in the middle of a trip to the park (Is there EVER a convenient time to get a migraine?). For many years, they prevented her from being really present […]

Of the fluidity of motherhood

Cassie Moriarty by Cassie Moriarty

Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s the mom who sat through hours of blood tests, chart analyses, and waiting rooms. The one who saw countless negative pregnancy tests and was crestfallen every time. There’s the mom who only saw one positive pregnancy test, you know the one I’m talking about. The unexpected one. The test […]

How women are being discouraged to even consider fertility awareness and why it matters

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

In the few days since we launched the petition asking CDC to update their report about the effectiveness of contraceptive methods and to include up-to-date data about FABMs, we have received tremendous positive response. Over 2,100 people have signed it so far, and we are grateful for them and for the many partner organizations from […]

17-year-old ballerina’s death attributed to the pill

Anna Migeon by Anna Migeon

Just hitting the international news over the past couple of weeks, a 17-year-old Romanian girl died in Manchester, England, on Nov. 11. The cause? A blood clot on the brain from taking the contraceptive pill. Maria Santa was a gifted ballerina, an elite athlete whose “only risk factor was being on the oral contraceptive pill,” […]

Family Planning: women and medical professionals need accurate information

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

CDC FABM effectiveness petition

Ask the CDC to report accurate data on side-effect free and effective Family Planning Method When Noelle* and her husband, parents of three, decided that they wanted to delay another pregnancy, she was put on “the shot,” at her doctor’s suggestion. Quickly, she gained weight and became depressed, moody and angry. Was there no other […]

Are FABMs more effective than the Pill?

Gerard Migeon by Gerard Migeon

A few weeks ago a reader wrote me to challenge a statement I made in my December 2014 article titled: Who tells the truth about the effectiveness of fertility awareness methods? Here is what I wrote: “It may take a few weeks for women to be 100% confident with their ability to accurately read the signs […]