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We are grateful for the following sponsors. They helps make it possible for Natural Womanhood to continue in our mission to raise awareness of the side-effect free and evidence-based fertility awareness-based methods and natural family planning.


Daysy / Platinum Sponsor

Daysy is a primarily female-staffed, global company with 30 years of experience in fertility technology. Valley Electronics, the parent company, developed their first product, the Lady-Comp, in the 1980s. The Lady-Comp has been one of the most popular fertility monitors internationally. Daysy, the company’s second product, is the brainchild of CEO Natalie Rechberg, and makes the original, trusted technology compatible with your smartphone via the DaysyView app. Daysy is committed to providing women with intelligent, effective, and easy solutions for fertility tracking.






Sympto / Platinum Sponsor

Sympto is a Fertility Awareness Based Method that was developed in Switzerland in 2006 and has been available in English since 2007. A sympto-thermal method, it is based on the Sensiplan model, which was recently cited as one of the most effective methods of fertility awareness in a study recognized by the CDC. Sympto created an innovative, thorough, and user-friendly education program for the method that includes a phone app, a free-guide, and a network of individual counselors. Their phone app was rated among the top (#2) in the FACTS Study on Fertility Apps. The app has gained popularity in Europe over the past few years, especially in France.

The Cycle Power Summit / Silver Sponsor

The Cycle Power Summit is the first virtual conference empowering women with answers to questions about managing their own natural fertility cycle and exploring the options available for restorative, rather than destructive, women’s healthcare.

The Summit will feature doctors, educators, and leaders in more than 30 sessions covering a wide variety of topics such as the efficacy of fertility apps and charting methods and restorative treatment for conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, and infertility. Women worldwide will have the opportunity to get invaluable, life-changing information in real-world conversations with the convenience of a completely online conference!


Join the Movement!

Are you a national organization involved in promoting a service or a product to our target audience at a national level? Maybe you’re an app, a fertility monitor supplier, an FABM/NFP method, or any other agency or organization who believes in the cause of fertility awareness and shares our values.

We offer a comprehensive package to promote your product and services to our wider audience so that in turn we can make these methods more mainstream. This is the “gift” that keeps on giving: while you help your organization with targeted marketing, you help us grow and increase awareness for the need for such products and services.

How to sponsor: please contact gerard@naturalwomanhood.org and we will be happy to explain the details of our program and plans.

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