Who can sponsor: corporations and foundations interested in giving women alternatives to artificial and harmful methods of birth control so that women can live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Why sponsor: sponsors have much to gain from partnering with Natural Womanhood

  1. Brand image: fertility charting and natural birth control are up and coming. Plenty of medical evidence shows that hormonal birth control can affect a woman’s health. Be among the first to support  natural, effective alternatives.
  2. Brand awareness: over 60 organizations and media figures support Natural Womanhood’s message and way of life, and this network can help us reach thousands of people rapidly.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Natural Womanhood is good for the community and the environment; couples practicing natural birth control report having better communication and closer relationships, contributing to a much lower rate of divorce. The elimination of hormonal contraceptives through water treatment systems is a documented environmental pollutant.
  4. Savings in medical costs: The Guttmacher Institute estimates that the average cost to the public of providing contraceptives is $88 a year per woman. The actual cost of the birth control pill varies from $15 to $55 per cycle, or $180 to $600 a year. These figures don’t even include the medical care needed, the lost time and productivity due to side-effects, or serious illnesses such as cancer or circulatory diseases. Once a women learns to use a charting-based fertility awareness method, it’s free for life, with no side effects or health risks.

How to sponsor: please contact gerard@naturalwomanhood.org and we will be happy to explain the details of our program and plans.

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